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Welcome to where our mission is to educate you about the benefits of taking Potassium Iodide (KI) in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. We are the world's most reliable source for emergency KI. We provide the highest quality KI available on the market, which is USP grade. Our product is unlike most thyroid blocking agents because it is delivered in a more stable and lasting crystalline form rather than in tablet or solution form. Storing KI in crystalline form is akin to storing table salt (NaCl) for long term, it is very stable. Please read the links at the bottom of this page which are published by reputable sources such as the FDA, American Thyroid Association, Health Physics Society ect. Read each link from top to bottom to gain a better understanding of what our product is and why it is invaluable to consume our product in the event of any nuclear disaster.

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You are purchasing a 1 oz bottle of Thyroid Guard for $20.00 (USD).  Each bottle of Thyroid Guard contains 25 grams of USP grade Potassium Iodide crystals and comes in a 1 oz amber glass bottle with an eyedropper cap.  In each bottle there are 190 adult daily doses offering more than the recommended 100 days of protection for an individual. OR 360 daily child doses.  

We recommend you visit all of our competitors' sites so that you can realize the substantial savings Thyroid Guard offers you.  We know that you will discover through your research that the cost of thyroid protecting tablets is between $1.00 - 1.35 per adult daily dose.  An adult dose consists of 130 mg of KI a day.  Thyroid Guard delivers the same adult daily dose for approximately $0.11, which is about 1/10 the cost for exactly the same protection.

What is Thyroid Guard?

Thyroid Guard protects your thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive isotopes of Iodine, I- 131 and I- 133, which are byproducts of all nuclear incidents.  Thyroid Guard is nothing more than pure United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade Potassium Iodide (KI).  Extensive research has been done which shows that consuming KI in the event of a nuclear crisis will dramatically improve your resilience to developing thyroid cancer. 

When is Thyroid Guard used?

You should begin dosing immediately in the event of any type of nuclear crisis impacting you.  This includes nuclear reactor meltdowns, nuclear explosions and any event wherein you are exposed to nuclear hazardous material.  The sooner you begin dosing the more effective KI is in preventing thyroid cancer. 

Why is it important to protect your thyroid gland?

Research has unveiled that the number one cause of death in all nuclear catastrophes is thyroid cancer. This is because the thyroid gland has a high affinity for all Iodines and it absorbs the radioactive Iodines that are released in a nuclear event whenever they may be present.  By consuming the non-radioactive iodine contained in KI your thyroid gland gets saturated with a safe form of Iodine and can no longer absorb the damaging radioactive Iodines which cause thyroid cancer. 

The thyroid gland regulates hormone production in the body.  Children are especially susceptible to thyroid cancer when exposed to radioactive Iodines.  When the thyroid gland absorbs radioactive Iodines it will result in thyroid cancer.  When a child has incurred thyroid damage by absorption of radioactive Iodines, the hormones regulated by the thyroid gland for normal human development are interrupted which results in serious developmental problems in children.  For this reason, it is especially important to protect children from radioactive Iodine absorption. 

Is it safe?

Thyroid Guard is 100% safe for all ages to consume.  Follow the recommended dosage rate on the label to maximize your protection.  Taking more than the recommended dose is ineffectual and will not result in more protection from thyroid cancer. 

Thyroid Guard is the highest purity KI available. Our suppliers have conducted extensive chemical analysis to ensure that the KI is USP grade.  In addition to our suppliers' chemical analysis, Thyroid Guard chemists take extensive care to ensure that each bottle sold meets USP purity standards. 

Although KI is completely safe at the recommended dosages, there are rare occurrences when undesirable side effects occur.  Possible side effects include skin rash, swollen neck glands, upset stomach and diarrhea.  Allergic reactions may produce fever, joint pain, facial swelling or shortness of breath.  If any of these side effects are experienced, stop dosing immediately.  As with all medications, you should consult with your physician to determine if KI is safe for you. Please DO NOT Exceed the recommended dose.

Why is Thyroid Guard in crystalline form instead of tablet form like other products?

Currently most thyroid protection products come in tablet form.  This is because it is a more user friendly form of consumption.  An adult dose is one tablet a day.  An adult dose of Thyroid Guard is 5 drops a day.  Whether you take one tablet of our competitors' product or 5 drops of Thyroid Guard, you are effectively introducing 130 mg of KI into your body each day. Your blood is circulated through your Thyroid gland every 17 minutes. So by taking the drops orally you get protection in 17 minutes

Thyroid Guard uses the same FDA approved USP grade KI found in all tablet products.  By delivering KI in crystalline form we have effectively cut out all cost associated with forming the tablets.  This allows Thyroid Guard to be delivered to the end user at significantly lower costs than tablets. The crystalline form of KI is also more stable and has a longer shelf life than tablets and other solution forms available.

The KI crystals delivered in Thyroid Guard are stable for long term storage.  The shelf life of Thyroid Guard is 10 years.  However, if Thyroid Guard is stored in a dark and dry place at a temperature between 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C), the shelf life can be extended indefinitely. 

How do I use Thyroid Guard?

You will receive pure KI crystals stored in an amber glass bottle.  Thyroid Guard should be stored in crystalline form, the way you receive it, in a cool/dry/dark place.  In the event of a nuclear emergency, one would retrieve Thyroid Guard from storage, remove the eyedropper cap, add water to the water fill line, replace the eyedropper cap, shake vigorously and begin proper dosage immediately.  Thyroid Guard dosage rates are given for body temperature.  If the bottle is colder than body temperature, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the bottle to body temperature for accurate dosages.  In emergency situations this can be done by putting the bottle in the armpit for 20 minutes. 

Once the water has been added and the KI solution is made, the shelf life is no longer 10 years.  The water in the solution will slowly begin oxidizing the Iodide into Iodine.  This process is very slow and can be prevented altogether by proper storage of the Potassium Iodide solution in a cool/dry/dark place.  KI solution is clear in appearance and if not stored properly or if stored in solution form for too long, the solution will change to a hue of yellow.  To maximize the shelf life of Thyroid Guard, only add water to the crystals when it is time to be used

Potassium Iodide solution does not have a pleasant taste and it must be masked by another substance.  A daily dose can be added to juice, soda, flavored water, milk or even dripped on solid foods to cover the taste of the KI solution. A cracker works fine. Or dough ball pill made with flour and water.   

You will notice that after you have added the proper amount of water and shaken it for 5 minutes that some crystals remain on the bottom of the bottle. This "PROVES" to you that the solution is "Super saturated" and will protect your Thyroid Gland when properly taken once each day.  

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